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My latest teaching video:

A real success story

Hi Jonathan,

 Since you are giving lessons all the time and it has been a good few months since my one and only lesson with you. 

 The reason for this email is simply to thank you for the difference the lesson has made to my game.  For the past two years I have been playing off 16 occasionally going up to 17 and then dropping back to 16 again. When we met I was struggling with my game but still managing to maintain a 16 handicap.

 Since the lesson, not only has my game improved but I am enjoying golf a lot more mainly thanks to the fact that I am now playing “proper golf shots” and not just getting away with mis-hit or mis-timed efforts. In competitions I have secured several top three finishes and my handicap has reduced from 16.3 (at the time of the lesson) to 13.7.

 I have played golf for over 44 years with my lowest handicap before today being 13.8 – achieved sometime in the mid 90’s.

 I hope this explains why I had to drop you a line and offer my sincere thanks.


Kind regards,

Sid Jones.

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